National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus


Excursions of the museum are conducted only by research workers.

The museum conducts a tour of the permanent exhibition.

Governorate Minsk in the late XIX - early XX century. You will be introduced to the city of those days: the socio-cultural, social and economic life of the governorate Minsk, as well as the interior of the rooms where Minsk natives lived more than a hundred years ago.

I Congress of the RSDLP and gendarme investigation. The exposition acquaints with the event that took place in this house in 1898 and went down in history as the first congress of social democrats in the Russian Empire. Also, this topic touches on the issues of the gendarme investigation.

The history of the House Museum of the First Congress of the RSDLP. This part of the exposition will acquaint you with the history of creation and life of the House Museum from the moment of its foundation in 1923 to the present day.

Each excursion uses a differentiated approach depending on the composition of the group of visitors.